Welcome to Roll-n-Hills Ranch – Johnson City, NY

Roll-n-Hills Ranch is home of some the finest “Hardy and Heathy Kiko Meat Goats in the Northeast”! Specializing in performance purebred production livestock, working livestock ( backpacking, brush and weed management, driving ) and socialized companions.

These goats are low maintenance, do very well in our Northeast winters and they love browse and weeds. Sure, they will eat hay and grass but if there is a scrub brush in the middle of the pasture they will walk past the alfalfa to get to the brush.

You would not believe how thick the brush was before I turned the goats in a couple of years ago. They immediately started picking the leaves on all kinds of plants, including briars and thistles. But look at how well they maintained themselves, even in the winter.

They will work hard for every leaf they can get to! So if you have brush to clear these goats are for you.

About Us

Ken Hooper and Hildago. A young buckling sired by Rambo. The dam is My Girl. What else would I call one of my favorite does! And, my wife Kay. We may go on vacation but the goats are never far from mind!

We have enjoyed raising goats for several years and our emphasis has always been on producing very Healthy and Hardy Performance meat goats. Consequently, we were drawn to the advantages of the Kiko breed, known for vigor, parasite resistance and superior mothering. See Kiko Advantage for more details.

To also help insure healthy livestock, we have also maintained a closed herd. That means top value for our customers, whether commercial production or work or companionship! See our Mission for more details. Staying healthy also means being protected. Hops, our Akbash livestock guard dog, keeps a watchful eye for predators.

Our Kiko goats also make great companions for other animals. They are very compatible with other animals and provide great multi-species grazing. They keep the weeds and brush down that other animals, like horses, will not eat and they sweep parasites. Since they do not share the same parasites with horses, they help clean the pasture of parasites that effect horses, and vice-versa.

Our herd was started from Dr An Pieschel’s herd because she holds the same values regarding the development of a Healthy and Hardy Performance herd and providing a high level of bio-security to keep them that way. The initial Kiko herd was thoroughly tested before coming to our farm and we have kept them healthy by remaining closed and practicing bio-security. We also disbud all of our does and wethers to protect them from entanglement, protect other animals from goring, and, most importantly, to protect people. It does require more effort to operate with an emphasis on health and safety but to watch my granddaughter play with these beautiful kids – priceless!

fire-cracker2608-1palm1101-2Our latest herd sires developed rapidly.  Pictures of Firecracker were taken when he was a year old and Palm’s pictures were taken when he was six months old. Our herd sires have followed the same Healthy and Hardy Performance path and they have produced some beautiful and high performing off spring. They have great conformation and solid lean muscle from top to bottom and front to back. As we introduce new herd sires we will build on their progeny with continued emphasis on Healthy and Hardy Performance livestock.

fire-cracker2608-2pam1101-1We have some excellent does and bucks for sale and are able to create herd starter packages at a discount. The wethers are all highly socialized, strong workers and great fun! We find, even managing a commercial herd, having a well socialized herd is much, much easier and safer to work with.

Because of the high quality of our purebred herd, we are selling our wethers for work (driving, back packing, vegetation management) and companions for people, in addition to selling for meat. Our wethers grow quickly and have an excellent meat to weight ratio.

Our herd started with Rambo, a purebred Kiko buck, and six does from Dr. An Pieschl, Goats Unlimited. Rambo was selected for these does because of his proven track record and diverse progeny he was expected to provide vigor and vitality to the herd. We have not been disappointed! The does have consistently provided multiple kids with excellent growth and parasite resistance performance. And, the beautiful colors are a great bonus!